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FCA Coaches: Character Study

Joe Erhman's Book: Season's of Life a must read for COACHES...

Joe Erhman.​.. authentic Manhood pt.1

Sample Character Curriculum Hand Out

Character Curriculums

Quality skill development and teaching of the fundamentals is crucial toward any coach building credibility and forming a successful team!

Build a community, build a Culture, build a PROGRAM that nurtures a positive belief system...

Each conversation is an opportunity to inspire each experience an opportunity to be a living example of real manhood!


Big Picture

Providing Tools to Coaches.. to Build Quality Young Men

Coaching is an opportunity to invest in the lives of young people and impact them in such a way that they will become better sons brothers husbands and dad's of the future.  Joe Erhman has been preaching this for quite some time and is an idol of mine....  This website is intended to provide some tangible programs that you can use during the season to intentionalize building Character in Young Men.. SEE the Character Curriculum Link at the top of the screen to see and download FREE Curriculum for you to use with your teams.

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"It is more than just a game, its an opportunity to impact lives"